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Valarie Whiting, PhD 

Valarie Whiting, PhD 

DDSLearning is a free learning resource. DDS supports individuals who have developmental disabilities such as ASD, ABI, PWS, SMS, ID or DD and others. Our goal is to build a central, accessible, and useful tool that can assist people to locate and participate in learning opportunities throughout the Commonwealth.  DDS MA Regulations

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The Department of Developmental Services (DDS) has prepared this language access video to outline the Department's commitment to providing universal access for all individuals, seeking to participate in services, programs and activities. 

In the event of a state of emergency when state offices are closed for the area where the event(s) will be held, then training and other learning events are cancelled. 

If a state of emergency with office closures is not in effect for the area, then please check the regional training calendar for the Region where the event is held for information about event/training cancellations.  These regional calendars can be found by clicking on the 'Training and Development Opportunities' tab on the left side, third button down, then look under the Learning Calendar for your Region. 

The “Focus"  website is a resource of the MCB/DDS Partnership Project for Orientation & Mobility/Low Vision Services, a cooperative effort between the Massachusetts Commission for the Blind (MCB) and the Massachusetts Department of Developmental Services
Read more about MCB/DDS Services and Resources.

New Employee Orientation (NEO)


           Click on the PACE logo

           Click on the PACE logo

EHS mandatory training can be completed on PACE

  • Commonwealth Curriculum Information Security and EO 504
  • Commonwealth Curriculum Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Prevention
  • Commonwealth Curriculum Preventing Harassment Training
  • Commonwealth Curriculum Workplace Violence Prevention
  • Conflict of Interest (COI) Law every 2 years (due this year 2017)
  • Conflict of Interest (COI) Summary every year
  • Commonwealth Curriculum Diversity Training Part II Disability  (all employees) look for HRD – Diversity Part II Disability Awareness (all employees) 
  • EHS Human Service Worker Safety every 2 years (due this year 2017)
  • DDS - Overview of Self-Determination and DDS Service Models 2017 (online)

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The information on this site remains the property of The Massachusetts Department of Developmental Services (DDS) or the person who created it.  You may use this information without further permission so long as all materials reproduced or otherwise used acknowledge the author(s).  No materials may be sold for more than the cost of reproduction without the explicit consent of The Department.  Where effective use of the materials requires training, do not use or support their use without the required training being provided. (For example, providing facilitator training without having successfully completed the course for facilitator trainers.)  Training information can be obtained from any Regional Learning and Development Director.  If materials provided are adapted, expanded, or translated, a copy of the resulting materials should be reviewed by a trainer prior to use and must be provided electronically to The Department via and may be shared at their discretion.