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Intro to Sexuality

Course Outline:

Introduction to Sexuality, Intimacy and Inter-Relationships:

As a person, parent, or caregiver, the subject of sexuality can be daunting. Add to the mix a physical or cognitive disability and you may find yourself feeling totally unprepared to deal with the subject matter. So, how do we support people with intellectual or developmental disabilities if we are unprepared to think about this ourselves? Mary Ellen Goodwin will help to begin this discussion.

We are all sexual beings from the day we are born. Sexuality is the exploration of ourselves - our physical bodies, our emotions, self-worth and image, and our interrelations with others. It is one of the most basic human instincts, and no matter what level our learning abilities, it is a natural part of being human to have the desire to discover what our bodies are all about. It is the ability to learn the responsibilities and consequences of the various aspects of sexuality that will define for each of us to what degree of involvement and discovery we will explore.